Secret Services

Secret Services



We carry Skin Lightening Gel for sensitive areas (i.e. anal, genital, breast, face, age spots). South Beach Skin Solutions will help you achieve the look you want with their all-natural skin lightening products specifically for use in intimate areas. Their advanced gentle lightening agents do not contain harsh chemicals, so no need to worry about skin irritations or other dangerous side effects. Trusted in hundreds of salons, spas, and other professional outlets around the world!


For those wanting to decorate their most intimate areas, we will apply a design made of swarovski crystals onto your skin after your waxing appointment. Pick from our large selection of designs and enjoy your VaBling for up to 5 days!

Color For The Hair Down There

Should you feel the need for your rug to match your drapes or simply have a desire to spice things up or confuse that special someone in your life, The Screamin Peach carries Betty Beauty Products: "color for the hair down there". It is available in natural colors such as: black, brown, blond, and auburn, as well as fun colors such as pink, red, purple, orange, blue, and green.

  • Specially formulated no-drip hair dyes.
  • Made with Natural ingredients.
  • Unlike regular hair dyes, Betty has no ammonia, resorcinol, and is paraben-free.
  • SAFE for that sensitive area won't- won't burn or irritate.
  • Match your hair above, cover gray, or just for fun!


We've seen it all here at The Screamin Peach and our number one goal is to give our clients what they want. Hearts, exclamation points, Stars... if you want it, we'll certainly do our best to provide that for you. Please talk to your waxer if you have a special shape in mind that you'd like waxed in your bikini area.